I really only keep trip photos on this thing
  1. From a recent road trip. These mountains are my backyard 🏔⛷
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  2. My friends smiling in front of the same mountains. I make them model for me.
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  3. My best friend is a yogi.
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  4. A shot from my trip to Washington DC in March.
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  5. The sun was rising on Christmas Day of last year when I flew to Boston to visit a friend.
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  6. The view from the Santa Monica Pier
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  7. The friend I saw in Boston came to see me and we sacrificed sleep to see this.
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  8. Fair lights.
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  9. A little friend I made in Mexico.
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  10. Early morning runs with my best friend in San Diego.
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  11. Lake Day in GTNP
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  12. That one time two weeks ago when I went on a canoeing trip in Idaho.
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  13. At any given time, I am missing being in Panama.
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  14. I have way too many hiking photos on my phone.
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  15. When we finally finished conquered Wolf Mountain on our backpacking trip.
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