what the literal hell I am 16 I can't be an adult yet
  1. I look forward to my weekly yoga class.
    I'm best friends with the teacher. This is not a joke. We are crazy tight.
  2. I go grocery shopping regularly.
    On my last trip I bought granola, tea, protein bars, and yogurt. I feel like a thirtysomething health-nut.
  3. My planner organizes my life.
    Work I have to do, events I need to put in my calendar, reminders to make appointments, or my weekly yoga class. It's all in there. Color-coded and everything.
  4. I have way too meetings to go to.
    The amount of times I turn down plans with the excuse, "I can't, I have a meeting then" is sickening.
  5. I've adopted my parents' everything.
    I find myself resorting to my father's sense of humor far too often. I go on raids of my mother's closet consistently. And my father and I enjoy doing the crossword together.
  6. Fast food has become a little revolting.
    I feel like it's typical of teens to obsess over taco bells' latest menu addition or the deals happening at Starbucks. I've never been big on fast food, but I can't stand big-corporation food companies anymore.
  7. Going off that last one- I check everything to see if it's organic.
    Organic. I really am my mothers' daughter.
  8. My must-read list is long. I'm slowly convincing my book club to read them, one by one.
    The most adultish and alarming part of this one: I'm part of a freaking book club.
  9. I plan trips.
    This may not be weird, but instead of watching Netflix in my free time I like to plan vacations and obsess over price changes in plane tickets. I planned an entire weeklong trip to California for my dad and I, down to the last detail. So we went.
  10. Baths are my best friend.
    Many kids have this idea in their heads that baths are like "sitting in your own filth". (bona fide kid quote) Not only do I fundamentally disagree with this statement, I also don't give a shit. Baths are fucking amazing.