Aside from my love of lists?
  1. I'm funnier on paper.
    Or in an app. keep reading these posts if you don't believe me...
  2. I'm great at keeping track of and finding other people's items, but regularly lose my own.
    My keys, my phone, my vape pen in my sheets on the bed, my glasses: I lose them constantly. But I can find yours! Guess it's part of being a Personal Assistant
  3. Oh yeah, I'm a Personal Assistant...
    And a Production Assistant. Mostly for musicians and actors.
  4. I'm a huge geek...
    I love comics. DC (Batman, Harley Quinn and the Joker), Marvel (X-Men, Spider Man) and Top Cow (Witchblade and Fathom) mostly. X-Phile, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter... Oh, and I used to write fan fiction. Still RP on occasion (journal-based)
  5. ...and a bit of a jock
    I LOVE sports! Former softball, volleyball and soccer player. I used to bowl as well in high school. I root for Chicago teams mostly (sans Cubs...ick). Huge Blackhawks fans. How many Black women do you know that love hockey? I'm basically a unicorn
  6. I'm a writer
    That's what I tell myself. I majored in English Language and Literature with a creative writing focus. I wanted to be a journalist but that died with print. Working on several novel and screenplay ideas concurrently. I'm a masochist.
  7. I'm a suicide survivor...
    ...or maybe I just sucked at killing myself.
  8. I'm a rape survivor...
    Roofied by some coked-out creep in 2009. Still coping with the depression years later (gained a lot of weight, food as a coping mechanism). I never told my family.
  9. My high school ex and I are still really good friends.
    We dated for a very intense four months, then broke up and hated each other for four months. Hooked up occasionally before and during college, but 12 years later, I will always pick up when he calls. PS: @john Mayer's "Room for Squares" still reminds me of him. Funny story about "Your Body is a Wonderland" playing on repeat for 2 hours and our friend in the living room wondering why we didn't just switch songs.
  10. I sing, but suffer from near-debilitating stage fright
    Bad experience in an elementary school talent show. Karaoke, booze and the occasional MJ has helped me cope
  11. I'm a dog person
    If you have a dog, I will speak to the dog and look at you solely as a translator. Their companionship is unparalleled. I really can't stand cats for the most part (a few notable exceptions over time) and I'm mildly allergic, but I always get stuck cat sitting.
  12. I almost died in September 2014
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    Person vs Car... I was the person. That pic was actually one of my better days in the hospital. 12 weeks in a wheel chair es no bueno.
  13. I'm an Introverted Extrovert
    Glad people are aware of this term now. I'm the life of the party (when I know more than 2 people in a room), but mostly I'd rather stay home. It's a process dragging myself out of the house, but I force myself to stay for at least an hour and make three "acquaintances". Then a resolve at the end of the night that I had a good time. Then the process repeats itself at the next gathering.
  14. I've never had a serious relationship that's not been primarily physical that's lasted longer than three months
    Not really a fan of putting myself out there or getting my heartbroken
  15. I... Don't know how to end this so...