You know, to stay motivated - email me at if you know how to help me make these dreams a reality!
  1. A writer/creator at @BuzzFeed
    HINT, HINT... You might have rejected my application as a branded video writer, but I'm not giving up! I can make cool, shareable content! JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE!
  2. Writer's Assistant or Producer's Assistant
    I'd love to be a show runner and producer in my own right, so I want to learn from the best
  3. Actor
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    I love the bit parts I've played in Features and TV shows, but principal roles would be amazing
  4. NYT Best-Selling novelist
    This is where I have to hunker down and finish my manuscripts. NYT acclaim is just a cherry on the sundae. Just being published would be nice
  5. @TEDTalks Presenter
    Inspired by these all the time. Id love to inspire someone else
  6. YouTube Influencer
    Yeah... I know... I've worked with a lot of these folks and their management, and it's not as bad as it seems. Their influence in astounding. Their checks and opportunities are pretty amazing too.