Okay @RachelP: it's taken me a YEAR to get this list to you... oy. My bad. Trying to be much more active from here on out...
  1. My favorite bar, The Escondite (410 Boyd St, DTLA)
    Chicago owner, Chicago patrons, bonafide Blackhawks bar (complete with an airhorn we blow when the team scores goals, which I'm holding)
  2. Illinois license plates... EVERYWHERE
    And I mean... everywhere! Nearly the same color scheme as the California ones
  3. Guys in White Sox hats...
    ...who usually aren't from Chicago. But thanks to Dr. Dre making the cap iconic on the West Coast in the 90s, it makes my often homesick South Sider heart happy
  4. Masa of Echo Park
    Original chef from Gino's East, so the deep dish is pretty legit! And so is that 45-60min wait!
  5. Call sheets
    I've yet to work on a crew where there aren't at least two other people who have a 312/773/708/847/630 area code to their phone numbers.
  6. Scripted shows
    Nowadays there's usually one character where being from/working in Chicago is an essential park of their backstory (not counting the Dick Wolf universe)
  7. Going to hockey games at Staples and seeing a TON of red jerseys in the crowd
    We love our sports teams and we show up! A treat for us loyal ex-pats 2k miles away. Anaheim fans HATE IT