Sometimes I take random pics, sometimes I take other people's random pics
  1. There's this one: View of the mountains in Butte, Montana from the parking lot of a Perkins
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    First time in Montana on tour, the bus stopped for breakfast and I was overcome by the beautiful scenery, and how I was one of two black people in Montana (the other was our bus driver)
  2. This: Declaration of Love
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    My Bestie proposing to his GF in their favorite spot in NYC
  3. This: Michael Fassbender's full frontal in "Shame"
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    No explanation necessary.
  4. This: Internet meme
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    Cute emojis and profanity are always amazing
  5. This: my dad with my furry niece Minnie and furry nephew Niko
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    Big men and small dogs = instantly amazing
  6. This: Niko and Minnie again
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    Just LOOK at them! How could you not smile!?
  7. This: ninja Hello Kitty
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    Just because you're cute, don't mean you won't kill a bitch
  8. This: a photo of my sister an I in the late 80s
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    Damn, we were cute. We still make these faces. And Erin's side-pony is boss