Pet peeves on set
  1. This was a full pack of gum. My gum. My personal gum.
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    I made the mistake of leaving it next to my laptop when I went to help the set designer on set. This is what's left. I only had one piece. And no one asked.
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    You think someone drank out of your bottle so you just got another one you wasted 2/3rds of. WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT! I've had to toss 2 full 24-packs already and we haven't even wrapped
  3. Tarted-up 13-15yr olds
    I get that sex sells, but C'MON!!! She looks older than me and I'm 30!! Plus, Britney did all the same moves better than this girl. She probably only remembers "In The Zone" Britney. Shudder to think...
  4. Ganging up on the set designer
    Especially when the director changes his mind the morning of, the Designer has to build sets and lighting structures and you rush him about your time crunch, when you're working with teen talent with no set etiquette who insists on snapchat breaks between every take with her dancers...
  5. Little kids visiting the set who have no business on settings
    ...because children ruin lives and productions. SIT STILL, CHILD!!
  6. Unpaid, but food, meals and credit
    That's nothing special. That's every production. You spent $500 to rent a fog machine. PAY ME.
  7. Asshole Represenation
    Your client is sweet. Don't ruin her image by being an ass. You know this industry is "hurry up and wait", right? You DO know what you're doing right? This little girl is more of a pro than you are, dude...