1. Fresh baked bread and sweets
    I'm a carboholic fat ass
  2. Waking up in my old room and hearing my parents talking every morning
    A ritual they've done for years: wake up early, watch the news and talk about their lives and current events. As a kid, I used to find it annoying. As an adult, I find it comforting. Communication. Guess that's why they've lasted 40 years
  3. Hearing an alarm radio go off and catching the beginning of one of my favorite songs
    Purely serendipity. Happens on occasion and fills me with joy.
  4. Hearing any of my favorite oldies come on the radio
    It's mostly iTunes in the car for me, but on the rare occasion that I listen to the radio, I'm still overjoyed. Might do an extra loop around the block until it ends. It's like hearing it for the first time
  5. Games with friends
    Still fun. Add alcohol to the mix and Trivial Pursuit becomes the greatest game you've ever played
  6. Rain in Los Angeles
    Everyone hates it, but when you're in your apartment and NOT in traffic, it's soooo amazing
  7. Earl grey tea
    Loose leaf, brewed strong
  8. The excited tone of voice my dad has when he hears I'm on the phone
    It's nice to know that even in my thirties, 2,000 miles away from home, I'm still daddy's little girl
  9. Chicago sports teams winning championships
    ...minus the Cubs, but that'll never happen #Sox05