If you care. I mean, it's whatevs.
  1. I make terrible first impressions.
    I don't start to open up to people until our 8th encounter. And my RBF doesn't help.
  2. I could eat Chinese food 5 out of the 7 nights in a week.
    Favorite, favorite, favorite.
  3. Loyalty is one of my *few* redeeming qualities.
    I'm an asshole to my closest friends and family, but I'm a goddamn loyal asshole.
  4. I one day hope to own a Great Dane.
  5. I had a premonition that I was going to die before I was 18.
    Spoiler alert: 23 and still kickin'.
  6. I can kinda sorta predict when people are going to die.
    Like okay, that's creepy af but the night my HS band director told us he and his wife were expecting my first thought was "That baby is not going to make it" and she miscarried a couple weeks later. I felt guilty for days. And there have been a couple more instances similar.
  7. I have over 100 pairs of VS underwear.
    And I continue to buy them because who doesn't need holiday themed panties?! Shh, everything is fine.
  8. I will call your parents by their government name because I'm salty and I do it to my own grandparents to they face so.
    My mother thinks it's disrespectful but like, they call me by my name, why can't I return the favor?
  9. I'm the youngest of three children.
    In case you couldn't already tell.