Additions coming soon.
  1. North Dakota
    Everything about this state bothers me. Don't even.
  2. The grass in Florida
    I mean, if you can even call it that. It's just little blades of fire seeping up through the dirt to ruin your day.
  3. Ants
    Fuckin' ants, man. I sat on an anthill once when I was four and now I just love watching them go up in flames.
  4. Cold feet
    Yes, socks are made for a reason but that reason it moot when they don't actually work and they've been on my feet for hours and my feet are still freakin cold!
  5. People that talk too much
    Just please, for me, find comfort in the silence and just shut your damn mouth
  6. People that tell me what I feel
    'It's not hot in here, you're wrong." No, asshole, you're wrong because you don't know what I feel and dammit if I say I'm hot, I'm hot okay just back off.
  7. People that chew with their mouth open
    Uncultured swine, I'm looking at you.
  8. People that (loudly) talk during movies
    I paid $13 to sit here and watch this movie on a big ass screen and if I wanted your opinion I would come over to your house and watch it so you could ramble on about whatever the fuck is bothering you and I wouldn't be wasting my money. Now, shush.
  9. I