He's an 82 year old retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Air Force who knows stuff about some stuff.
  1. A lil snapshot of us from idk, 20 years ago? He, somehow because he's got magical unicorn blood in him, looks exactly the same. I do not.
  2. First off, he bought me a bottle of wine. 🍷👌🏻😊
  3. "A girl after my own heart."
    We were talking about bacon and I said that the fat was the best part of it. He agreed wholeheartedly.
  4. "You'll make a great wife some day"
    He ordered 🌮🌮 that come in those little trays ya know? And he said that he was going to just bend down and eat them like that and I told him that he can live his life and eat his tacos however he wants. He told me I was sweet. 💕
  5. "Yeah, sports girl!" *high five*
    We were chatting about the Super Bowl and I knew it was "...the Carolina Panthers and.." & for the other team he prompted me with Denver and then high-fived me when I answered Broncos. I think the wife comment was premature. 💁🏻
  6. "You get that from me."
    I love hearing this. My cousin is going to see the 5th Wave and she was explaining to him what it is and he goes, "Oh, so it's a Sci-Fi movie" unto which I respond with, "Nah, it's a murder mystery". He smiled and told me I probably got my sarcasm from him.
  7. "Why are you wearing a Confederate States of America sweatshirt?!"
    I told him they are actually my initials and that's how a monogram is made. He thought the order of the letters was stupid. (Can't say I didn't think the same thing before I became a #monogramenthusiast )
  8. "I was going to wait until you left, but since you're going shopping you can have it now."
    *hands me $50* Teared up a lil because I'm lying about being an adult and only have $11 in my bank account to use for gas to get back to GA and man. He's a godsend.
  9. "I made it mild just for you."
    He knows I love shrimp but he also knows that I can't tolerate spicy food so he made sure the cocktail sauce for the shrimp was hella tame. Which just 💔 cause he listened and paid attention. And I'm not used to that in my life.
  10. "I like having you here."
    I was helping get stuff ready for dinner and he paused what he was doing and mentioned this. Really just stabs you in the heart.