I'm not an emotional person, but there are some things that without a doubt make liquid leave my eyeballs. It's a weird sensation.
  1. It felt like a good day to hate myself so I looked up videos of Military personnel coming home to their pets
    I would probably wake up from a coma crying if someone played enough of these in my hospital room. They stab me right in the feels.
  2. I'm exhausted.
    I was recently diagnosed with narcolepsy and if I can't nap, there are tears involved.
  3. I thought about that scene from AirBud too much.
    You all know the one I'm talking about. Where Josh and Air Bud are in the field type thing and Josh tells him to runaway and just leave because he's a good for nothing dog. And I have to stop there. I can feel the liquid building in my eyes.
  4. I stubbed my toe.
    Knee jerk reaction. We all understand this one.
  5. Someone told me a dumb joke
    The really dumb ones seem to get the biggest reaction out of my.
  6. I'm being a whiny, bitch baby.
    S/o to Olivia and Cyrus for the phrase.