Unfortunately a lot of these photos only lend themselves to aspect ratios which can't be constrained within the square format required by The List App. Perhaps the list gods will remove that constraint some day. In the meantime, I'm afraid you'll only be seeing parts of birds. The names in parentheses are the Spanish names.
  1. Cuban Trogon (Tocororo)
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  2. Cuban Tody (Cartacuba)
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  3. Cuban Solitaire (Ruiseñor)
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  4. Cuban Gnatcatcher (Sinsontillo)
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  5. Bee Hummingbird (Zunzuncito)
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    The world's smallest bird.
  6. Cuban Pewee (Bobito Chico)
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  7. Fernandina's Flicker (Carpintero Churroso)
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  8. Zapata Sparrow (Cabrerito de la Ciénaga)
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  9. Cuban Green Woodpecker (Carpintero Verde)
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  10. Cuban Pygmy-Owl (Sijú Platanero)
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  11. Bare-legged Owl (Sijú Cotunto)
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    Formerly called Cuban Screech-Owl
  12. Cuban Oriole (Solibio)
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  13. Cuban Emerald (Zunzún)
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