In the early days of Rock 'n Roll (and Doo Wop in particular), there were a host of groups named after different species of birds. Some of them recorded songs that still qualify as classics. Much later, a few other groups followed their lead.
  1. Penguins - Earth Angel
    One of the earliest megahits of the 50's
  2. Orioles - Crying in the Chapel
    A beautiful rendition long before the Elvis version. Sometimes billed as Sonny Til and the Orioles, they also had a hit with It's Too Soon to Know, a remake of a song by the next group.
  3. Ravens - Count Every Star
  4. Flamingos- I Only Have Eyes for You
    One of the most successful of the bird groups, who also had hits like Lovers Never Say Goodbye, Golden Teardrops, and I'll Be Home.
  5. Crows - Gee
  6. Wrens - Come Back My Love
  7. Cardinals
  8. Larks
  9. and later came...
  10. The Byrds
    Many hits including Mr. Tambourine Man, and Turn Turn Turn
  11. The Eagles
    Many, many hits including Hotel California, Peaceful Easy Feeling, and Life in the Fast Lane
  12. The Birdwatchers - Girl I Got News For You
  13. and we can't leave out: Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day
    With many covers including one by Michael Jackson