Things You Can See in Havana

  1. Menacing drug-sniffing dog at the airport
  2. Singers at La Vitrola restaurant
  3. Sancho Panza statue
  4. Part of the "Wall of the Cretins" at the Museum of the Revolution (missing: Batista and Reagan)
  5. Kids in ballet school
  6. Coco (short for coconut) taxis
  7. Signs denouncing the U.S. blockade
  8. Nice views
  9. Well-maintained old cars
  10. A giant beetle on the wall of the Museum of Fine Arts
  11. Many images of Che
  12. Hundreds of thousands of people marching (if you're there on May Day)
  13. A naked woman holding a fork astride a rooster
  14. Long queues at Coppelia Ice Cream
  15. Friendly omelet lady
  16. Farmers Market
  17. American ephemera
  18. John Lennon in Lennon Park