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  1. Splitting image of my nephews
  2. Best Gin i've ever tasted
  3. I paid an artist for this commissioned piece
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Preferably a Boxer
  1. Pudsley
  2. Rocko
  3. Buster
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From my first mentor
  1. "No one in this world truly cares about you"
  2. Everyone is so caught up thriving or trying to survive with their own life to give a Taco Bell shit about you.
  3. Truth is everyone is instinctively selfish.
  1. As i am scratching the surface of this app, it is a refreshing feeling to have been exposed to something worth my time.
  2. Bobby kim explained it very well, & I could relate. I am after well crafted stories or thoughts that may be beneficial to my life. Whether for entertainment value or a valuable nugget of knowledge I could apply to business.
  3. This bullet point system is great for keeping track of where you left off, if you receive a phone call or get distracted by blinding brake lights in front of you during traffic.
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