1. This ISN'T America!
    You don't need a space exactly like your American home to "experience the authentic _________ life"
  2. I love international variances in style
    Color, color, color! Old world charm. Very little fuss over things we make waaaay too much fuss over, like countertops.
  3. Oh man, look at that view!
  4. You don't need to be over budget to be "by the beach" when you live on an island less than a mile wide.
  5. So why is she moving with this guy?!?!?
  6. They are starting what kind of business?
  7. Mmmmmmm, that looks yummy.
  8. Is this the best realtor they could find?
  9. Could I handle a bidet?
    Like the cleanliness concept, but....
  10. What is the deal with all these folks moving to Grenada for medical school?
  11. How do these two make this much money?
    I mean, seriously....