Just keep going...
  1. The infamous amount of student loan debt I will get myself into if I get into grad school.
    Hey, "getting in" is the pusher here.
  2. The divorce rate. You and your partner HAVE to make it work. For statistical purposes.
  3. My hypo-allergenic dog. Allergic to bacon, dandelions, and cockroaches. I'm sorry that I know all this and somehow still can't cure you.
    Mhmmmm. We all scream for ice cream.
  4. Flint, Michigan.
    That's fucked up that people in the United States don't have clean drinking water and you have 6 half empty bottles in your room. Go volunteer somewhere, asshole.
  5. My boo-thing
    You told him you were doing your homework. You probably should because he's actually doing his.
  6. Seeing how many Netflix shows aren't renewed.
    Still waiting on season 2 of a lot. Nothing is forever kid. Why get attached to this show?
  7. Summer Bod
    Let's pretend we actually lost weight here and just didn't get more sun.
  8. Trump
    Why watch stranger things? The real horror is watching our government strip away educational programs.
  9. Being homeless with that B.A in Writing & Rhetoric
  10. Amazon-Prime
    Because it has Mr. Robot and this list is misleading.