As a child I was obsessed with klutz book tutorials. Cmon, you know you were too.
  1. Static
    You could clip the bracelet to the side. How cool is that?!
  2. Static
    I'm pretty sure that there's a really pretty girl in there wearing a necklace I absolutely loved. The necklace, not the girl. Also, I could never get the Wave Pattern right.
  3. Static
    Obsessed with making Jacobs ladder. Funny part is at my actual first official grown up job my coworker and I would play cats craddle.
  4. Static
    Loved this book! I even made a couple. But then didn't fit that well.
  5. Static
    Guys. This book was THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN to small me. I think I borrowed it from the library allllll the time. I probably had it more than they did.