1. Dames Coffee & Espresso Bar
    So far, this is the best place to do work for me. It is off the central chaos of town on Jersey and 3rd. It is incredibly small, has wifi, and includes an open garden out back. The food (quiche) and drinks are sublime, but it only accepts cash.
  2. Smith & Chang
    The atmosphere was great although a bit distracting; however, this came in handy because the wifi was spotty at best. There was much more space to spread out, and they offered great soups and pre-made sandwiches. It is near Hamilton Park.
  3. Basic
    The smell was overwhelming when I walked in, which made me order food to go. I was confused about what the place was because it had everything from coffee and cakes to classic American meals and Asian cuisine. With the interesting first impression in mind, the workers were kind and helpful, and there was working wifi. I definitely need to go back.
  4. Grove Square
    This place is amazing--just not for me to do work in. It has typical coffeehouse things: coffee, pastries, sandwiches, and wifi. However, it also has a stocked bar with big screen televisions. It is right across from the path station.
  5. Word Bookstore
    I haven't gone here to do work because I know it will be too distracting for me. They have a great selection of books and coffee drinks along with wifi. It is also right across from the path. I want to join one of their book clubs!
  6. Choc-o-Pain French Bakery and Cafe
    Still need to go!
  7. Warehouse Cafe
    Still need to go!
  8. Tea NJ
    Still need to go!
  9. Beechwood Cafe
    Still need to go!