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There is a man allowing all of us waiting the pleasure of listening to his phone conversation
  1. He is getting married again and his family doesn't like it
  2. He bought her a nice diamond so they shouldn't be upset with him
  3. He almost moved out of state but instead decided to get married because he doesn't want to live alone
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My car is big and an über for ungrateful children. Therefore it is always a mess.
  1. A half-full can of orange La Croix
    La Croix is delicious and orange is the best flavor
  2. An empty can of orange La Croix
  3. An empty can of Altoids
    That will come in handy.
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The first rule of car line is you don't talk about the car line.
  1. "I didn't see the crosswalk."
    Really? You didn't see the line of people waiting to cross nor the bright neon vest the crosswalk volunteer is wearing. So you thought it was a good idea to just hurtle your kid across the moving car line and hope I would fling myself into traffic to stop the cars for you?
  2. "My kid won't get out unless you open the door."
    Um, ok.
  3. "I know this is a drop off lane only but I just need to run this giant box of scrumptious delights I made for the entire faculty into the school."
    Meanwhile your car has blocked the entire line of not delighted parents who want to get on with their morning
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  1. The American President
    The West Wing in a movie form.
  2. Selena
    I'm unable to turn it off once it's on.
  3. Dazed and Confused
    Visit my hometown any Saturday night to see this movie played out in a current version.
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