I made one of these!!
  1. Beyonce is a human being
    And by elevating and idolizing her we are doing a disservice
  2. The "Bad Blood" music video wasn't very good at all
    Just a bunch of shots of different celebrities??? Nothing that touched me emotionally or left me feeling or thinking anything
  3. Taylor Swift really just seems like a bully
  4. Euthanasia for people with mental illness is okay
    not much else to say on this
  5. Suicide bombers, executioners, and general "terrorists" are not monsters
    we forget that the human race is capable of terrible things...once again we must consider people as human beings.
  6. Adele should write some different songs
    All her heartbreak songs are triggering AF
  7. People who say "I hate children" are being ignorant
    That means you just haven't spent enough time with children; and stop hating on an entire class of people? They are people.
  8. "Millenials" are smart, creative, not lazy or addicted to technology and this is an amazing generation to be a part of
  9. It's okay to let kids play on IPads and babies watch YouTube
    they're gonna be just fine
  10. The majority of basic Americans who are homophobic, are ambivalent about basic scientific facts, or seem a bit racist and prejudiced are actually good people
    one must begin by trying to understand where their hate originates from and not blame them