1. GroupMe
    Because I am a college student and this is how we communicate in clubs
  2. Viber
    My parents have it and make me have it just in case I don't have service (T-Mobile FTW) but they forget FaceTime is a thing
  3. Watch
    I don't have an Apple Watch and I never will
  4. Trello
    Some stupid magazine club decided to use trello. It's like a board of two do lists that team members can all see. I don't really like the interface
  5. Tips
    Great I already figured that out...iPhones are simple to use and that's the beauty of it. Directions aren't needed. You're like the Wii Menu preview channel you have when you first get a wii but I can't delete you
  6. Deer Hunter 2016
    Some ridiculously violent game I let my non biological nephew download so he would stop annoying me in the car and I didn't delete it just in case
  7. Voice Memos
  8. Wallet
    Just go away
  9. Maps [Apple]
    In the words of great scholars Samberg and Parnell: "Google maps is DA BEST!"