Inspired by @lesbian 's draft. I actually did pretty well so here is a gold star 4 me 🍪.
  1. George Washington
  2. John Adams
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. John Quincy Adams
  5. a few white guys
  6. Alexander Hamilton
    Things are about to go downhill
  7. Andrew Jackson
  8. Andrew Johnson
  9. Abraham Lincoln
  10. John Tyler
    I know he came after Lincoln bc I remember congress h8d him but I don't remember what's next
  11. Ulysses S Grant
  12. Probably some more old white guys
  13. Grover Cleveland
    He's in there twice
  14. Woodrow Wilson
  15. Teddy Roosevelt
  16. William Taft
    The fatty guy
  17. Herbert Hoover
  18. Frederick Delano Roosevelt
    Is that what FDR stands for?
  19. Howard Truman
    Or maybe it was Harry
  20. Pneumonia president
    I remember there was a president who gave a really long speech in the rain for his inauguration, laying out all the thing he would do, and then he got pneumonia and died and I thought that was hilarious
  21. James Garfield
    Found him @lesbian
  22. Chester Arthur
    I remember Garfield was assassinated so then this dude took over otherwise he's pretty irrelevant
  23. William Harding
  24. Howard Ford
    I think he made the assembly line too???
  25. John F Kennedy
  26. Lyndon B Johnson
    This is the gif that comes with LBJ
  27. Richard Nixon
  28. Jimmy Carter
  29. Damn there are a lot of white men up in here...
  30. Ronald Reagan
  31. Dwight D Eisenhower
  32. George Bush
  33. Bill Clinton
  34. George HW Bush
  35. Barack Obama
    One of these does not belong