@eijafayaya is just a doll.
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    I got it a few days ago but it was sent to my home address and I was at college
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    My parents were being weird about it and they tried to open it before I got there 😧
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    I was forced to open it in the hotel room because I'm on this vacation I don't want to be on
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    The box had an inspirational sticker
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    Representing my current feelings
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    I couldn't stop smiling
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    Should I read these first?
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    This is amazing
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    A list of books to read from a librarian. What more can I ask for? The gift could have ended here with my happiness
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    First gift: mind already blown. A reusable shopping bag with an illustration of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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    All the people on this app are incredibly talented
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    "What is it lemme see can I see what what what" -mama every 5 seconds
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    Um I'm happy...it's a Jelly Cat! I love stuffed animals, especially ones that are large and I can cuddle in my sleep with. Can't wait to welcome JellyCat into the family
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    Alright so...my secret Santa is a mind reader because red lentils is my favorite food. As I child lentils was my staple. I still eat them all the time. My heart has been won
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    Masoor daal❤️🍲 the very best. Can't wait to get cooking.
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    I want to write more but I have a headache from being a human being and I can't put into words how happy and blessed I feel.
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    Thank you @eijafayaya
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    You are so talented and I am so thankful to have had such an awesome secret Santa.
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    Thanks for @ChrisK for making this thing happen and making me feel happy after such a stressful week/month/year
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    Happy holidays ⛰⭐️☀️❄️😄💙☕️