It's 3AM and here I am
  1. I've been going through a lot lately
  2. I can't remember why I deleted this...I think something happened and then I noticed it was distracting anyway
  3. I googled myself a few minutes ago and up came my listapp account
  4. I've been going through a lot lately
  5. It was interesting to read all the things I wrote and realize how truly honest I was at times.
  6. I'm not sure how much this community has changed or if it's still a place where I can do that
    Are you still here @lesbian @sarahgorman @eijafayaya @DanaDigsYou @margaretyoko @olive @neorsd @ChrisK @LizDawson and probably many more people that I remember inspired me?
  7. But here I am to try writing fun lists again
    who cares if they are ever read
  8. I've been going through a lot lately
  9. So many things look different and rather than gradual change its all at once!
  10. Is the text supposed to be this big now?
    what did I do
  11. I feel like it's brighter
    My eyes hurt
  12. No caps on titles? I had to do it myself?
    So confuse
  13. There is a location thing now
    Was that always there
  14. What's with related lists. The explore page is so different too
  15. How long has if even been since I've been on listapp
    It feels like a long time but it's probably not
  16. I've been going through a lot lately
  17. There's probably so many cool new people to meet and listen to and read their content!!!
  18. Does @dfly still make those amazing works of list art?
  19. I'm exciting to be back listing again.
  20. Here's to some cool things...Do we still do list requests! Request some lists for me to do!
  21. 💙💙✔️📋