1. When the person taking your order asks if you want a chocolate or vanilla frosty
    How is that even a question 😂
  2. To the people that can't find the water button on the Coca Cola freestyle machine
    Bottom corner, and GET. IT. TOGETHER
  3. Taking a mountain load of brown napkins and only using 3
    You might spill something
  4. fangirl-ing over the late Dave Thomas
    Established Wendy's in the great city of Cbus, OH, and the father of THE Wendy
  5. Hey, girl in the Wendy's commercials
    Who even are you? I know you're not Wendy
  6. Hey, girl in the Wendy's logo aka the real Wendy
    I genuinely appreciate how consistent you've been showing up in the logo over the years i need that kind of commitment and consistency in my life and you are providing it
  7. When Wendy's made the switch to sea salt fries ❤️❤️
    aren't we saving the environment
  8. But can you pleas join the Coalition for Immokalee Fair Food Program and sign the Alliance for Fair Food?
    Bc I love you
  9. I ain't gonna stop gettin my Wendy's or anything but
    Please just sign it, okay?
  10. When you feel hypocritical eating at Wendy's
  11. But you just love Wendy's
  12. What are they putting in those Frostys