Yesterday I had a terrible night and a terrible day. Today was bad but not as bad. I'm going to try and feel better by making a list of a few of the recent positive things in my life.
  1. An amazing friend who looked out for me
    This guy actually spoon fed me Greek Yogurt last night and I was rude and moody and angry, and he was incredibly patient and kind toward me. I can't be more thankful for someone like that and more people like him should exist.
  2. My mom and dad
    They love me so much. I didn't really tell them what a bad day I had but if I would have they wouldn't have been disappointed in me. They love me so much and I could quit everything tomorrow and they'd be right by my side.
  3. My own mind
    Even though I missed all of class last week, I have the mental capacity to learn and teach myself what I missed and a lot of people simply don't pick up on information like that. I don't give my own mind and intelligence enough credit.
  4. Amazing professors
    Although I haven't yet contacted this professor, generally almost all my professors are amazing and accommodating and understanding when something shitty happens. They are the reason I am graduating this fall and I owe them everything.
  5. My sisters
    I love them so much. They are so funny and kind and care so much about me. We relate so well and have so much fun together. I couldn't be luckier to have such a great couple of sisters who I truly look up to and who take care of me
  6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    This is a weird one but I watched it yesterday when I was feeling down and it helped distract me and make me giggle a bit. Thanks, Kimmy!
  7. My internship
    I love working outside all day and sweating and being around others and doing something that I care about. I hate that my depression has prevented me from going to work because I do enjoy it
  8. My coworkers
    Damn I fucked up but they are the most flexible, nice, knowledgable people. I respect them deeply and although I'm insecure, hope they like me and can continue a relationship with them after.
  9. Financial stability
    Many things kind of suck right now but although I do worry about spending money, I'm fairly financially stable and thankful not to have to worry so much about having food, affording to go out, paying bills and rent, etc