This is all over the place, ...but written in the order of thought of them. All pictures via Instagram
  1. Demi Lovato
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    For the rock star in me
  2. Michelle
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    For the class in me
  3. Selena Gomez
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    For the sexy in me
  4. Miss Piggy
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    For the high maintenance in me
  5. Emma Watson
    Ae820e05 e3b6 4e30 8b5d 785e34e9fb9d
    For the doll in me
  6. Tyler Oakley
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    For the colorful in me
  7. Aashka Dave @aashkashbgosh
    7560762c 27c0 43c2 bbfe 27c15bd81a6d
    For the Aashka in me
  8. My other friend (on the left)
    Ee71b9b9 1807 4488 b3a4 f9c14d6ed611
    For the put-together me
  9. Hillary Clinton AND Katy Perry
    D69307aa 757c 4c25 bb8b 52bf3286230c
    Both for the confidence in me
  10. Aishwariya Rai
    464e2985 905f 492e a183 421ffbe1bd5e
    For the Desi girl in me
  11. Marina Diamandis
    457cf27d 8883 45f0 a353 8eb52da53ac6
    For the pop queen in me
  12. Miranda Sings
    Ec9afc86 a445 4e1c 9972 a77744bbf0c6
    For the crazy in me