1. James Dean
    Both James Dean and I are a figure of disillusionment with regular society, however, the similarities don't end there. We're both a bit gay, have the same birthday, and he was born and raised in my hometown of Marion, IN. There's definitely some kind of connection
  2. A Bichon Bolognese dog
    You're probably thinking "is that a real dog?" which is already what people probably think to themselves when they see me (is that a real human?). These dogs are smart and quick learners but they are very lazy and low maintenance. They don't love exercise, greatly enjoy cuddling, are small and cute, and have a bit of separation anxiety. Basically, me.
  3. A farmer
    I was born in an area of rich farmland, and we settled in another area of rich farmland where I was mostly raised. I grew up near middle class farmers but my family was different from them. I was envious of the 4H kids, wanted to go to the state fair, longed for the fantasy of large acres of land that I could explore, hide, work in. I got to college and with no idea what to do, but what was thrust upon me but agriculture. Nowadays when I go to the farm for class, it just comes naturally
  4. Anna from Frozen
    So I have the blonde streak in my hair and have had it for quite some time. I have bouts of naïveté, I'm the youngest, a bit more romance crazy than my sisters, kind of silly, probably kind of annoying, filled with immense love for my sisters. And let's face it, that's exactly what I look like in the morning