1. Are NOT heretics with a disease to be cured
  2. Are NOT all racist, homophobic, xenophobic nazis
  3. Are NOT the people whose political party/ideology you could easily tell
  4. Are NOT inherently bad human beings who will treat people different from them with no respect
  5. Are our fellow citizens of America
  6. Have some legitimate concerns
  7. Are influenced by propaganda
  8. Simply hate Hillary Clinton
    This is the case for not all but many
  9. Don't feel like they're being taken seriously
    Which only further fuels their cause
  10. Feel disenfranchised
  11. Feel bloody tired of liberal circle-jerking
  12. Want to see liberals get mad at them
  13. Want to get liberals mad
  14. Want to prove the main stream media is biased
  15. Want to prove the establishment is biased and flawed
  16. Like that Trump is loud and untraditional and a businessman
    Did you not see the 2012 election? This is the shit they've been looking for. Trump is "on brand."
  17. Just want to stick it to liberals
  18. Are human beings
  19. Are not gonna go away