Inspired by @lame and a response to @lesbian
  1. Destiel or Wincest
    I don't know what this means but if they are fruit I like strawberries a lot
  2. Would you fuck Harry Styles
    naw bih
  3. Lungs or Ceremonials
    This question is so complicated because each of these albums correspond to periods in my life. I choose Ceremonials because I remember being on floor crying listening to "seven devils all around..." or washing my hands in a river humming "...let the only sound, be the overflow..."
  4. 🤑 or 😂
    I think 😂 is overused on things that aren't even funny but the other one looks like barfing so
  5. Ginger Ale
    It's so good! Mixing it with other stuff is great. Expensive ginger ale is great not sure if it's because it tastes better or it's expensive. BUT bad for your teeth so at the end of the day...only on vry special occasion
  6. Do you masturbate
    The Pope masturbates.
  7. How many times do you question your sexuality daily?
    Some days I don't even think about it but most days 10+ times at least and every few weeks i have some breakdown where I just sit for an hour and think about it and in queer circles i feel like a fake queer bisexual liar and I can't even now I am very confused which is ok but not ok oh god here comes the breakdown
  8. If you were going to make me fall in love with you with a song, what would it be?
    An acoustic version of the "I love you" song that plays at the end of Barney 💜
  9. Edit: I forget my fav HSM it's the first one but I can break down my fav scenes one by one for you if u want