I'm not used to getting hit on. I'm small and rather cute looking, like someone's younger sister. Today though, I got hit on 3 times, no goddamn joke, I guess I should wear these earrings more, not put on makeup, or brush my hair? Whatever
  1. Oh, thanks!
    In response to a guy saying "you're really beautiful"
  2. We can go to an art gallery!
    In response to me asking "ok, but what do you want to do if we hang out," to which the reply was "fun. and games." To which the reply was the above
  3. Oh no thank you, <insert awkward mumbling noises> but maybe I'll see you around! Wait, what's your name?
    After being asked for my phone number. Not sure if I was just supposed to stop after the noises.
  4. Um, yeah, we will. Go home.
    This kid was really interested in my identity/nationality but the conversation ended and he invited himself along while I was walking home. In response to "we'll talk again though, right?" after I realized he was walking the opposite direction of where he lives but pretending it was the right way.
  5. So is Nate on your shift on Tuesdays?
    After he used this emoji 👶🏽 to call me baby. I knew the answer to the question but I noped my way into another more mundane topic
  6. but the question is...did I do this right????? ~~