1. Stayed up way too late studying on Sunday night. Never worth it
  2. I picked up too many shifts at work. Yikes
  3. I forgot I had an essay due so I asked if I could have until the end of the day plz and I wrote it fast and it was fine, but damn unnecessary
  4. I took too many naps
  5. I didn't take enough naps
  6. I was early to my doctors appointment by a day
  7. I was late to my doctors appointment
  8. Sweet tooth sweet tooth...I've barely eaten meals that are savory
  9. I skipped meals
  10. I didn't buy milk and part of my bloodstream is just cereal so I absolutely have to have milk for my cereal and since I didn't I didn't eat a lot of cereal so I might faint or something
  11. I planned to jump in mirror lake!
  12. I didn't jump in mirror lake
  13. I didn't email Mary back quick enough (and now she hasn't responded) (!!!)
  14. I left my laundry in the laundry room
  15. I did not distribute the clothes from the laundry basket into their proper homes in the closet
  16. I didn't talk enough to mom and dad. Definitely the worst :(