This is a long list I made just as an excercise for me. It was going to be 10 things. Ten things can't encompass what I feel. They're not really in order, but some are notably at the top and some are notably paired together.
  1. Schoolwork
    I don't like school or studying, That's why I hate when it stresses me out. I do like learning and my classes. But it's still school.
  2. Worry about family
    Is my mom okay? Is my dad okay? My sisters? Are we all going crazy?
  3. Worry about dear ones
    You were put in situations and had experiences you don't deserve. I want them to be okay, I want to be there
  4. Lack of activities I truly enjoy
    Why don't people go outside and play anymore? Why don't we just start dancing? I miss the outside--nature. I miss running. I want to lay around and write the next novel and read all the books.
  5. Lack of other people
    What happened to y'all
  6. Other obnoxious people
    To Those aunties that keep telling me I'm starving myself: please just stop. Then go away. Then don't come back. Ok?
  7. Anger/confusion at my role in society
    Okay, I'm a Muslim, but why should I have to defend Islam? Why is this my obligation? Why do I have to defend females? I don't even like being a female. Leave me alone. I want to be. Where do I belong in this world?
  8. The plastic water bottle
    There are other things that disappoint me to see in the trash. But this water bottle has become a symbol: looking at one just makes me anxious
  9. Moral Climate change
    I am honestly scared about what is going to happen in my future. I'm sad I'm not doing my part. I'm nervous that nothing will happen in Paris
  10. My artistic talent
    I'm not that great. I just work hard. What kind of artist am I? Who am I to call myself one?
  11. My healthcare
    What happened to my therapist? Why is my doctor so stoic? Are you really not going to ask me any questions, just send me home with some pills? A doctors appointment shouldn't make you fear your health.
  12. Social justice issues
    I'm so sad people suffer. I feel bad for being privileged. My heart breaks another day.
  13. Eating clean and gaining weight/stress
    Do I really want to, or am I just being told I should?
  14. Unhappiness with my image
    the world of girls. Come join if you want to hate yourself!
  15. Being bad at my job and losing my job
    My competence is always over or underestimated. I'm not there sometimes
  16. Finding an internship
    I hate filling out applications. It's so frustrating.
  17. Finishing school
    When will this stupid thing be over, why can't I get it to go faster, why is there SO MUCH PAPERWORK
  18. Future career wise
    I don't know what I want to do or what I'm going to do and the ideas I've come up with will never happen
  19. The Ohio State University
    There, I said it. I'm over you OSU. I feel odd about it. I hate football.
  20. Being punctual
    I'm so bad at it. I've been lectured on it so much. I can make it, but I never do. I am always late.
  21. My roommates
    One of my roommates irritates me and is like a hobbit we never see. The other is kind and loves me but for some reason I pull back.
  22. Maintenance, Chores, Adulting
    Our internet hadn't been working (it's fixed now) I'm the only person who will do something to fix it, there's a list of things we need to call maintenance for and I see it on the fridge every day, undone
  23. Finding a place to live next year
    I just want a safe place, with nice people, with a balcony. That's all.
  24. Being queer
    I'm definitely queer, but what kind? Where do I fall? I feel like an imposter inside this community.
  25. New content on the Internet
    How are we supposed to keep up with all the new content? How do you have time to watch all those podcasts and every new Tyler Oakley vid and all Josh Peck's vines?
  26. Learning new things
    I keep learning new things and taking in more info--I talk to everyone to the chef to the cable guy to the homeless man and I learn all this new stuff. It's awesome. It's overwhelming. The appetite won't stop
  27. Budgeting
    Do I need this or naw?
  28. Friend groups
    I don't have time for you people plz
  29. My Scarlette Magazine articles
    I'm not done. You guys suck. Im leaving, really.
  30. My ex
    The thought of you gives me tears, but guess what? You aren't on the top anymore. you're dismissed.
  31. Will I ever get better?