I'm at Vidcon in Anaheim, a convention for online video creators and their fans. Here are some thoughts. The first 5 are on the atmosphere of the event, which the second 5 are things I got out of actual events
  1. This is an odd balance of wanting people to "look up" but encouraging everything to tweet/snap/insta everything they see.
    As this is a community of Internet people, it's no surprise everyone is on their phones. Of course, we do have some people running into each other because they're vlogging backwards, and in this kind of space, no one really cares. In fact, sharing this experience is uniquely a part of this experience. How do you balance being in the moment vs sharing the moment in this kind of unique atmosphere?
  2. There are so many people—which I usually hate, but I don't nearly as much
    Because everyone is part of a community here that I am also a part of and we have something in common
  3. At the same time there's a beautiful kind of diversity
    In both personality, race and gender, and passion. Everyone here is interested and excited about something and many people just have their own niche which is pretty cool.
  4. This is somewhat of a representation of people who use the Internet, and they seem so cool
    Even reading anonymous comments on the Internet, I have a generic weird male voice that I always subconsciously think of—but they're not that. Okay, maybe a bit weird, but not all weird
  5. It's weird because generally I think people from the Internet are mean (excluding most people on li.st)
    But these are real human beings—I can't criticize and judge them the way it's so easy to do so on the Internet, when you're hidden behind a computer (nor can they do that to me!)
  6. I went to a panel on #GirlLove With Lilly Singh (Superwoman), Rosanna Pansino, Lindsey Stirling, and Cassey Ho (Blogilates)
    It made me think a lot about my own thoughts, my own jealousies, and made me realize that a community of women who genuinely appreciate and support each other can exist. Sometimes I feel like I'm surrounded totally by a lot of girl on girl hate and that a true group of girls that love, support, and are honest with me (besides my sisters), can't be real. But maybe it can 🤔
  7. I went to a couple panels on representation on YouTube/the Internet
    And it made me realize that I have always gravitated toward the Internet because the stories I relate to are not told in the mainstream media—they're told in spaces like YouTube videos and niche books. The mainstream is too afraid to take risks and promote the conversations that people on the Internet have, or at least it won't be for quite some time.
  8. Even this is seen on li.st when the top lists are all discussions on intersectionality and yet the featured lists were nothing like that
    Though I do have to say, I absolutely think this is such an awesome app with an awesome staff who does not intentionally silence anyone and that's so cool. I can't think of how to thank (and how much I admire) @bjnovak and the rest of the team for being able to make and retain something like that
  9. I went to one other interview with John Green and Ransom Riggs (author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children which is soon to be a movie)
    And as a writer, one piece stood out to me; a brief moment where they spoke about how they used to work so hard to write stuff that sounded like a certain kind of writing, rather than just writing to be authentically them—which is something I think I'm struggling
  10. Overall I got a lot out of Vidcon Day 1! It was an exciting and fun experience
    Maybe li.st will be better represented there in the future??? 😶