1. It'll be fun
  2. I am not drinking!!!
  3. But I have work tomorrow, I better stay in
  4. I slept all day so I'm just gonna be up all night anyway so might as well go out
  5. But I have a lot of homework and I will be very satisfied if I get it all done
  6. Oh I can do it during those two spare hours tomorrow!
  7. I went out yesterday night though.
  8. But yesterday night sucked. Tanya SO ruined last night for me.
  9. Stupid Tanya.
  10. Tonight will be so much more fun---I have to go out and make up for last night!
  11. But I could just stay in my bed...call up that one guy
  12. Oh wait we found out he's a fuckboi UGH
  13. Fine I'm just gonna go out and live it up with my frands and be young!!!
  14. Wait but then I have to change out of sweatpants
  15. Never mind