so I need to get off my phone
  1. Reddit - 6.5
    Not surprised but also like yikes
  2. Messages - 4.4 hours
    Honestly surprised, thought it would be less. Guess I have been texting a few people lately and I spend a lot of time re-reading and analyzing everything they say oops
  3. Instagram - 3 hrs
    Why? Probably watching makeup tutorial vids and looking at memes
  4. Snapchat - 1.3 hrs
    I'm honestly getting pretty bored of snapchat
  5. Recently Deleted Apps aka Tinder - 1.3 hrs
    At least I saw it was bad for me
  6. Google - 1.5 hrs
    I often use it as a browser. Things I've recently Googled include: "ennui" "stool analyzer" and "sigourney weaver."
  7. YouTube - 1.5 hrs
    Gotta do something while I sit on the toilet
  8. - 1.5 hrs
    Been wasting time on Reddit mostly
  9. Google Maps - 34 min
    I wasn't really driving myself anywhere, I just want to make sure my uber is going the right way
  10. Lyft - 13 min
    Been using Lyft lately and I honestly like it better
  11. AroundMe - 7 min
    Also 1 hour in the background—oops! We were looking for a place to eat.
  12. Phone - 1.1 hrs
    Doesn't take up a lot of battery life for that amount of time
  13. Gmail - 12 min
    Thought this would be more; I check my email a lot but I guess I haven't really been actually getting anything
  14. Check yours by going to Settings > Battery > Look under "battery usage" and hit the clock button on the right