Actual Title: A Letter To Kim K
  1. So this list has been in my drafts for a while
  2. However, today I realize that my unpopular opinion has been popularized
    And thankfully, the hard work of making this list has been for me.
  3. So instead, here is an open letter to Kim Kardashian
  4. 🔅 Dearest Kim, thank you for what you have done for society today
  5. 🔅The truth is hard but you have prevailed. Never be afraid to raise your voice (or post on your snapchat) against injustice and lying and greed.
  6. 🔅 Mostly, I honestly just have to say I feel pleased, even though I feel bad for feeling pleased.
  7. 🔅 I mourn for the Taylor Swift fangirls tonight and hope you think of them as well.
  8. 🔅 You know I would marry Selena Gomez in a heartbeat—after all, I wear her perfume—but the use of the 🐍🐍🐍 emojis truly had me proud.
  9. 🔅 I will not forget that Kanye is an asshole, but that it's okay.
    Because Kanye is an asshole but Kanye knows Kanye is an asshole and everyone knows Kanye knows Kanye is an asshole and Kanye knows that everyone knows that he knows he is an asshole at least he doesn't pretend he is clueless like someone who rhymes with MAYLOR WIFT
  10. 🔅 VIVA LA KIM K
  11. Thank you.