1. Nothing.
  2. You do nothing
  3. Why? Because you're depressed goddamit!
  4. You don't write lists
  5. You don't go to all your classes
  6. You don't really do your homework
  7. You don't send those emails you're supposed
  8. You don't enter the hours into your timesheet
    Which means you don't get paid
  9. You don't really fear the consequences on Monday
  10. You lay around and do nothing
  11. You don't sleep, really
    At least not at night
  12. You don't exercise
  13. You don't really eat
  14. You don't keep proper hygiene
  15. You do nothing
    but rot like a piece of matter
  16. You maybe accept responsibility during your highs, but you don't follow through on it
  17. You maybe cry, though sometimes you can't even do that
  18. You don't have sex or even really masturbate
  19. You don't laugh like you mean it
  20. When you're really depressed, there is nothing.
  21. I'm not talking about the bullshit, "when you're depressed...do these 5 quick self care tricks!" When you're depressed, what you will do is nothing.
  22. Nothing.
  23. You don't write even if you want to
  24. You don't read even if you want to
  25. You don't take care of yourself even if you want to
  26. You don't put on makeup even if you want to
  27. What you do is lay there, paralyzed
  28. What you do is nothing
    but wish your mother had an abortion
  29. What you do is nothing
    but rot like a piece of matter
  30. You don't kill your self, because you're too busy
  31. ...Doing nothing.