BJ requested a list from me so obvs I had to obey
  1. Reddit is an Internet text and image board. It calls itself the "front page of the Internet" with news stories, social and pop culture stories, and cute pictures of puppies.
  2. Everything is organized by "subreddits" which is like a forum based around a certain category. In the past year I've become a pretty active "redditor" and here's a few subreddits I frequent:
  3. /r/AskReddit and /r/TIFU (Today, I fucked up)
    Ah, the very staples of Reddit. AskReddit is a sub where people ask questions and everyone answers, and TIFU shares stories of fuck-ups. I go here because this is where the things that go "meta" originate, and I gotta be in on the jokes! (Otherwise I have to visit /r/OutOfTheLoop). If you're gonna start redditing, start by browsing these subs to get a feel for our obnoxious community
  4. /r/CasualConversation
    A subreddit to converse and shoot the shit around. Once you start to think all the people of Reddit suck, try this sub to meet better ones!
  5. /r/Columbus, /r/OSU (The Ohio State University) /r/Indiana, and /r/Indianapolis
    Just keeping in the know how with places I consider myself to be a local. Reddit is a great way to meet people and hear about events.
  6. /r/SkinCareAddiction
    This sub gave me so much knowledge about skin care, helped me develop a routine for my face washing, and taught me what DIY masks to trust.
  7. /r/thatHappened
    Have you ever been on the Internet and someone tells a story and everyone is clapping/liking their status and you just know that it's $100% fake as shit? Well, post it here! These are some of the most cringe posts and I waste so much time reading them.
  8. /r/DogShowerThoughts
    So there's a sub called "showerthoughts" where people post random thoughts like "becoming an adult feels like slowly being put in a managerial position you didn't really want." Then there's dogshowerthoughts, a brilliant parody of the same sub.
  9. /r/aww
    A very popular subreddit filled with cute picture of people's animals. Here's one from today:
  10. /r/PeaceCorps
    I'm interested in doing this in the future and this has been a great place to get info. Subreddits exist for most topics you're interested in—though it may not be active!
  11. /r/PointlessStories
    Exactly what it sounds like.
  12. /r/books
    A very popular subreddit where people discuss books. I'm a huge lurker here but I don't post a whole lot due to how big it is
  13. /r/LI.ST ???
    Not sure if it's a thing yet...