Hi! This is my first list and it’s for my best friend @carlybee - I will make this as kid-friendly as possible. A few of these places are standing room only, but tapas bars are family-friendly – one of the best parts of Spain is the way people of all ages are congregating and eating together, you will definitely see other kids running around.
    Go early to the Boqueria – the kids can run around the market and get juices and look at all fish and produce, and you and Al can sit at on the stool and have some cava (cava and vermouth on the rocks, perfectly acceptable for breakfast) - usually some chickpeas/chorizo/egg thing in the morning. But get everything.
  2. Also in the Boqueria, KIOSKO UNIVERSAL in the back for seafood.
    Like razor clams, head-on shrimp, I usually go there for second breakfast.
    Atmosphere, food, it is The reason to go to Barca. Always tourists, but also food/wine people from all over. They have a homemade wine (called Xampanyet) - get the whole bottle it’s low alcohol. The menu is mostly canned seafood – amazing little clams, mussels, a variety of anchovies. When I die I hope I end up at Xampanyet.
  4. Barceloneta neighborhood will be fun for the kids, close to the beach, feels like a dive-y fishing village. Must go to EL VASO DE ORO, old-school tapas bar, always crowded, there will be kids in there, get the blistered peppers, etc, you know how to order tapas. Also, EL JAICA is fun and a place called LA COVA FUMADA for salt-cod bombas.
  5. LAIE, by the Picasso Museum.
    Beautiful courtyard coffeeshop, you can take a break there. You should prob go to the Picasso Museum, I don’t know, the line is always ridiculous, and I don’t imagine a four-month old is that interested in cubism.
  6. The SANTA CATERINA market (in my head I always call it the new market), it’s wonderful and the restaurant, CUINES, serves really clean, seasonal Spanish food. A little modern but I think it would be perfect with the family.
  7. BAR MUT -
    K, so when you’re strolling all the Gaudi stuff, my absolute favorite restaurant is a little further, at the top of the L’Eixample neighborhood. Incredible space, pristine food, a little bit of the splurge, worth every penny. No reservations for lunch, but necessary for dinner.
  8. For when you have a sitter: There's a speakeasy in the apartment building above Bar Mut, called MUTIS, you have to be invited or some bullshit like that, but I went once and it was unreal. Ask your server at Bar Mut. There is a natural wine bar called L’ANIMA DEL VI that is really unpretentious and cheap with great, informed servers.
  9. Best of the Rest: QUIMET QUIMET and CAL PEP. I know everyone goes. But they are the best. Line up for Pep at 5pm, you can get in and out with the babies.