I've been in Greece for a few blissful weeks living mostly on bread and white wine and occasionally these things.
  1. Local cheeses
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    You think I didn't finish that by myself. You're wrong. At Heteroclito in Athens (amazing wine bar)
  2. Hortas and Green beans w/ tomato.
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    At Taverna tou Psyrri in Athens
  3. Octopus and flash-fried sardines
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    At Paradosiako in Athens
  4. Always the Octopus
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    At Katina Taverna in Santorini
  5. Orzo with saffron and red mullet
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    At Eva's Garden in Folegandros
  6. Greek salad
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    At Nicolas' Place in Folegandros (perfect feta)
  7. Red Snapper
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    I watched them bring this fish in at 8am and came back at 2pm to eat him. At the tavern in the port that goes back three generations where I went everyday and the mom played with my hair while I ate. Kinda weird but I liked it. My favorite in Folegandros. No idea what the name is.