Just got a new Betta fish? Can't think of a name for it? Well buckle-in, fellas, cuz I got all the best names for your fish.
  1. Bettamin Franklin
  2. Betta Wap
  3. Bettaccine Alfredo
  4. Betta Crocker
  5. Strong Looks Betta Naked
    SLBN for short - for all the acronym-lovers out there
  6. My Betta Half
    This one's great for if you're single and want to call attention to the fact that your new Betta fish is the closest thing you have to a significant other.
  7. David Betta
  8. Big Betta Theory
    This one's a group name. Perfect for if you have one female Betta fish that's way more attractive than the other 4 males and 2 females. Bonus points if one of the males has a "spot" that he refuses to move away from.
  9. Bettaney Spears
  10. Justin Timbettalake
  11. Nickelbetta
  12. Backstreet Betta
  13. Cobra Bettafish
  14. Betta 182
  15. Betta! At the Disco
  16. Fall Out Betta
    Use this name and your Betta fish will remember you for centuries.
  17. Betta Mars
  18. My Betta Romance
  19. Betta With the Good Hair
  20. I Can't Believe it's Not Betta
    This one's specifically for a fish that looks like a Betta, but is actually not.
  21. Betta Baggins
  22. Bettasaurus
    You could also add the "Rex"
  23. Bettadict Cumberbatch
  24. Betta Betta Betta Betta Rockin Everywhere
    This name is appropriate if your fish got a big ole booty.
  25. Betta Sanders
    For all the political people out there 🔥
  26. Shark Betta Hoo Ha Ha
  27. Fish Betta Have My Money
  28. Betta Werk
  29. Justin Bettar
    He already has a fish tattoo - it's like totally a sign
  30. Petyr Bettafish
    And "Little Fin" is a great nickname
  31. Betta of Tarth