This includes both backbone and customer circuits. All identifying information has been removed unless it is a matter of public record.
  1. Underground cables (fiber and copper) cut by oblivious digging crew. Usually a backhoe.
    I could make a full just for all the times this has happened but that would be boring. Basically buried network infrastructure and digging equipment are natural enemies.
  2. Customer's cat was covertly peeing on their modem.
    Definitely doesn't fall under warranty replacement.
  3. Homeless encampment's large, out of control fire, beneath a bridge melted a suspended fiber cable.
  4. (2-3 Months later) Same homeless encampment really likes big fires. Once again melted the previously repaired cable.
    Hasn't happened a third time, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. Customer shot the power cable to their router while hunting a rat with a pellet gun.
    I assume he needs to work on his accuracy.
  6. A/C failed on small rural phone office turning it into a giant oven.
  7. Unnamed Chico CA ISP allegedly raided for having a marijuana grow operation.
    If you know Chico, this is the least surprising thing ever.
  8. Customer's Linksys/Netgear/Airport locked up and needs to be power cycled.
    Everyone with this issue is always certain the problem is with their internet connection and amazed when the reboot fixes things.
  9. Fiber backbone to Santa Cruz purposely cut in 2 locations.
    Listen all of y'all it's a sabotage!
  10. Fiber maintenance tech refused to perform repairs on a circuit in south San Francisco at night because the area was too dangerous.
    I don't think I can even blame him.
  11. Customer decided tidying up their home office cable management meant it didn't matter what got plugged where.