Seemed worth distilling given my endless quest to locate one that meets my standards in NYC.
  1. Aluminum foil wrapped in correct 2 piece counter directional manner.
    If you can prove ability to successfully do this, I am willing to then try the "for here" plated version with sauce on top.
  2. 7-9 inches in length and 10-12 inches in circumference.
    We're talking about a SUPER burrito here folks. I expect it to have some serious heft.
  3. Contains as standard ingredients: *edit* flour tortilla, beans, rice, meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole.
    Optionally lettuce or other grilled vegetables are acceptable additions.
  4. Should not cost more than $10.
    $8-9 is really the average price point.
  5. Comes with chips and salsa.