Fruits and vegetables I unloaded this morning.

To be a member of the Park Slope food coop, you need to work a 2.5 hour shift once a month. I chose a job where I could carry heavy things while mostly asleep. Today was my shift.
  1. The end of the line.
    Food comes down the conveyor to my level. Then we find it a home in one of the coolers.
  2. Organic pineapple
    To the fueling of the cooler.
  3. Avocado
    Stacked behind more avocado. For some reason I'm hungry for guac now.
  4. Strawberries
    We did some quality control testing, and they are delish.
  5. Cotton Candy Grapes
    Never tried them before. They are insanely sweet Reminiscent of wine grapes at harvest.
  6. Cherries
    Quality unknown.
  7. Blueberries
    Didn't have time to taste today either. It was super hectic as the coop stockpiles food for 4th of July shoppers.
  8. Sweet sweet caffeine.
    Shift over, now I get my coffee and start my actual job.