This game was invented for Williamsburg BK but should work just as well in the Mission SF, Portland, etc. If you are ambitions you could print this into a 5x5 grid but I just use a checklist.
  1. Old timey mustache.
  2. Acoustic guitar or harmonica.
  3. Fixie bike.
  4. Tattoo of a random food item.
  5. Pocket bandanna.
  6. Cigarette being hand rolled.
  7. Ear gauges larger than a quarter.
  8. Playing frisbee or hackeysack.
  9. Molskine notebook or typewriter.
  10. Clothing item with logo of defunct company.
  11. Large glasses with lens removed.
  12. Toms shoes.
  13. Block with 3 or more local coffee shops.
    No big chains
  14. Person with 3 or more colors in hair.
  15. Crappy watch.
    Worn ironically
  16. Girl with half her head shaved.
  17. Nonstandard pet being walked (or carried) in public.
    Turtle, parrot, etc
  18. Aggressively preachy vegetarian/vegan.
  19. Aggressively preachy carnivore.
  20. 80s boombox being carried.
  21. Long beard.
    At least to collar length at minimum
  22. Hipsterspawn.
  23. Publicly displayed odd hobby.
    Tallbike, stilts, fire-spinning, etc
  24. Line to business selling "artisanal" something.
  25. Posted sign looking for bandmates.