As it abruptly ended early AM on Monday with the arrival of stomach flu I thought I'd look back on the good parts.
  1. My new drinking buddy.
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    My friend's kid has been known to hit the bottle pretty hard. Getting to see him at Friday afternoon lunch was a good start to the weekend.
  2. In-N-Out
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    One of the biggest (non people) things I miss while living in NYC.
  3. Petaluma Butter and Eggs Memorial Dash
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    An event I created a few years ago based around running empty parade routes carrying butter and eggs followed by brunch. Basically a pre-party to the actual town festival.
  4. A seagull carrying a tennis ball.
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    I mean how awesome is this? You'll probably never see it happen again.
  5. Soaking tub
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    I unabashedly love my tub and use it as much as I can while home. I'm fairly certain such things don't exist within NYC proper.