Soon to be followed by "Reasons I'm not an adult"
  1. I've taken my parents to their medical appointments.
    As someone who spent a lot of time around hospitals as a kid, this is a very strange swap in roles.
  2. I have credit cards and somehow pay them off on time.
  3. I can no longer live off a terrible diet without my body punishing me.
    Furthermore my diet is actually slowly moving towards healthy.
  4. I eat kale
  5. Sometimes people address me as Mr. or sir.
  6. Almost all my friends are married.
    A few of them have kids.
  7. I can tie a full Windsor knot.
    Within 1-3 attempts.
  8. I bought a house.
    And then proceeded to move cross country away from it a year later. 😁
  9. I go to the gym regularly.
  10. My hair is no longer mohawked and/or dyed with regularity.
  11. I think the new slang kids use and music they listen to is stupid.
  12. I wear sunscreen most of the time.